Convicted Driver Insurance FAQ

What are the most common driving convictions?

By far the most common driving conviction in the UK is for speeding. This is true for both men and women.

After this common convictions include driving without insurance, being distracted by using a mobile phone and drink driving.

Why do convictions affect the price of car insurance?

The reason that convictions affect the cost of car insurance is because insurance providers perceive drivers with convictions to be greater risk. When calculating the cost of an insurance policy, providers will take many factors into account to determine how likely it is that a person will make a claim on their policy.

What other things affect price?

Some other important factors that affect the cost of car insurance are –

  • Age – Age is one of the biggest factors that affects the cost of car insurance. It’s well-known that younger people pay considerably more for car insurance than those over 30. This can seem unfair but it’s simply based on the fact that statistically younger drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions.
  • Driving experience – It’s not surprising that newly qualified drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents that people with experience. Therefore the amount of driving experience you have will certainly determine how much your cover costs.
  • Value of vehicle – The value of the vehicle you want to insure is a huge factor and for good reason. If you car needs to be replaced, either because it’s written off or stolen, then your insurer will need to pay out. This being the case, the more your car is worth, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Where the vehicle is parked – Where your car is parked when you’re not using it another factor that affects cost. People who are able to keep their car parked in a secure garage for example, will pay considerably less than those who park their car on a public street.

Where can I get convicted drivers insurance?

Websites such as enable you to get quotes from specialist providers of convicted drivers insurance very easily.

What are some ways to save money on convicted drivers insurance?

A couple of good ways to save money on convicted drivers insurance are –

  • Get a third party only policy – A third party only policy will provide you with enough cover to drive your vehicle legally and also works out considerably cheaper than a comprehensive policy.
  • Pay upfront – Although insurance providers might consider you greater risk if you have a conviction, most should still offer you a good discount if you pay on an annual basis rather than monthly.