How to Make Your Motor Trade Premises Secure

If you have a motor trade business then it’s extremely important that you take any measures you can to make your premises as secure as possible. Unfortunately theft and vandalism are always a risk for business owners but there are steps you can take to help reduce these risks.

Below are some of the most important things to consider –

Have your premises assessed

If you want to find out what the most vulnerable parts of your premises are then you should consider having a full assessment by a security firm carried out. They will be able to let you know exactly what areas of your current security set up need improving. This might be something as simple as getting better locks on the doors and windows of the property to investing in electronic security measures such as CCTV and electronic access control.

Invest in security measures

There are two main types of security measures you can invest in for your premises – physical and electronic. Below is an overview of both –

  • Electronic security measures – The two main types of electronic security measures are CCTV and electronic alarms. CCTV is incredibly useful for helping to prevent crime at your premises, particularly when used alongside security guards. A good electronic alarm system is also a great investment. When getting an alarm for your premises make sure it conforms to British Standard 4737 specifications and ideally connects to an Alarm Receiving Centre rather than just making a noise.
  • Physical security measures – Useful physical security measures include good locks for doors and windows and perimeter control measures such as barbed wire. The latter is particularly useful since it prevents any would-be thieves or vandals from being able to get near your premises out of hours. You might also consider investing in steel grilles for the insides of any windows of your premises.

If your business manages customers details electronically, as a growing number of motor trade businesses now do, then you should also strongly consider investing in IT security measures for your business computers.

Get the right cover

Getting the right insurance might not make your premises more secure but it will ensure that you’re compensated if your business is broken into or stolen from. The best type of cover to get when you want to protect your premises and its contents is combined motor trade insurance. traders cover enables you to get combined UK traders insurance quotes from specialist providers very easily.