It’s all about the kitchen!

George Burnand of Strutt & Parker in Winchester explores the enduring appeal of a well-designed kitchen. He says:

“Inspired by being recently taught how to make the perfect burger by the Lainston House Cookery School courtesy of Hobsons Choice, the kitchen shop down by King Alfred’s statue, I thought I would write about why the kitchen is so important.

Layout:  They say you should never be a couple of steps away from any element, be it the cooker, work surface, fridge or sink. This makes for quite a small kitchen, but it certainly works. So if you have this space in a large open plan room, how do you make that work?

Island unit or peninsula: the Brexit of the kitchen world!  My mother has always been in favour of the peninsula as it creates a barrier and prevents guest from coming her side of the kitchen; others love the space of the island. The peninsula at the White Cottage in Oakley has a good example of the peninsula and has recently been reduced to £1,295,000. Littledown in Ropley has the best of both worlds, a good spacious island with a peninsula for guests to sit at.

Is our love affair with the Aga starting to wane? Aga has been very clever in developing the electric version of this iconic oven, which is very impressive, but those with the conventional version will be hard persuaded that the warmth it gives off quite sets the scene in the same way, especially as the nights close in.

Space for a dining table is becoming more and more popular with a number of buyers proclaiming the dining room would only be used for high days and holidays.  Longfield in Itchen Abbas has open connecting kitchen and dining room.

“I just wanted to be…