A time to reflect and to plan ahead

Penyards Property Management, located on Southgate Street in Winchester, reports that 2015 has been an amazing year for the business, both in terms of an increased market place and market share for the company; and also, more importantly, exceeding the expectations of their landlords and tenants.

Mike Turner, Associate Director, comments: “The year started very well and we grew on our success which culminated in several record breaking months of the highest number of new instructions brought to the market by Penyards Property Management. Subsequently a large number of lets were arranged to high end tenants – both family and professional.

“The final couple of months of 2015 have seen a change in market conditions, with many properties becoming available just before Christmas which has resulted in an oversupply of property at a somewhat quieter time of year. High supply and low demand has resulted in prices falling, or properties remaining vacant.

“At Penyards Property Management, we work closely with our landlords. We let them know on a weekly basis what the market is doing, what activity we have had on their property and are proactive in suggesting marketing to achieve the required result.

“We are also now agreeing some new deals with a 15 month contract, which moves the property vacation time away from the traditionally quiet time of winter – smart thinking like this results in the landlords minimising any potential void period next time around.”

Contact Mike at Penyards for more details on 01962 860303