Autumn awakens the property market

The advancing autumn is bringing a repeat of last year’s market trend with buyers seizing residential opportunities.

Kevin Prince, partner in charge of residential sales for Carter Jonas in Winchester, said: “Last year I went on holiday in late October and early November anticipating a quiet period but had to come back early because I was getting so many calls. This year I decided to keep working and the decision is paying off. We are now taking offers and exchanging contracts on several properties a week.

“Looking forward, I think that 2016 will get off to the same busy start as this year. To date, the market has been buoyed by parents wanting to demonstrate that they live in areas served by schools that they consider to be the better-performing. As the cut-off date for school applications looms, parents want to at least exchange contracts by the end of January, even if they don’t complete the sale until afterwards.

“This month’s news that the Bank of England is unlikely to implement a Base Rate rise before early 2017 has also spurred people into action. Buyers have greater confidence that they can arrange a mortgage and cover the expenses of a house move before having to deal with an increase in their mortgage payments.

“The housing market has always been cyclical but, like the seasons, we are seeing a difference in the dates when those cycles kick in. The summer market slumber returned and lasted longer both this year and last while the late year activity and the more vigorous early months of the new year also seem to be carrying through.

“The start of this year saw a definite trend for sales to pick up and houses that were a little late for the 2015 market surge are now finding buyers. Autumn is traditionally a quieter time but there’s no sign of hibernation in the Winchester property market!

“Anyone tempted to sell would be well advised to prepare now for a New Year launch.”

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