Help Finding your Dream Home

Once you have found your dream home, or you are selling your current property, then finding the right conveyancer is an important stage of the process and one which should never be underestimated.

There are a number of legal problems that can happen when buying or selling a property, so it’s risky to buy a home without help from an experienced and skilled conveyancing solicitor. Not only is it a very complicated and time-consuming process, but there are a number of legal documents that need to be completed. It’s not worth taking any risks when buying a home as it can be the most expensive purchase in your life.

Of course, there are quick online conveyancing fee portals which can give you a price, but you have no choice on the experience or skill of the conveyancer and those fees don’t always turn out fixed and there may be hidden extras. Like everything you get what you pay for and Bernard Chill & Axtell more than anyone can see how badly customers have been treated by some of these quick and easy options where we have to get involved to put things right and this is not quick and easy to deal with.

So – what if you could get an online fixed fee quotation and be assured that a quality, experienced, local conveyancer will act for you, someone who has a track record for getting the job done at a time when you need it most, with no nasty surprises.

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Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors have all the experience in-house, with one of the most dedicated conveyancing teams across the whole of Hampshire. With the firm established in Southampton in 1947 and now with 7 offices across the region, we have an unrivalled heritage along with a no nonsense attitude in working tirelessly for our customers, who come back time and time again.

We were recently instructed before Christmas and had contracts and searches done by return before the shutdown. Working directly with the client and other professionals involved in the transaction we then were able to exchange on their transaction in 7 working days during the first week in January.

We don’t know any conveyancing service which can match what we do, so come to Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors and see how conveyancing ‘should’ be done.

With the current housing market moving so fast, you have to have as much confidence in your legal preparation as with your choice of property and not leave anything to chance. With Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors we treat your purchase or sale as if it were our own.

A quick visit to our conveyancing section on our website at will let you get a quotation immediately today to your browser, or alternatively call 02380 228821.